Free Bird Songs App Reviews

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Fun but unstable

Lends itself to crashing a little on OS 3.1. But otherwise great.

Please add more birds!

I like it, but there are only 13 different birds songs. It took me about 30 seconds to be finished with this app. Please add many, many more birds!

Great app

My cockatiel loves listening to these birds

Iphone 5 crashes

App doesnt open on iphone 5 please update

Dont bother!

13 birds, big deal. Good thing it was free.


Does not have a lot of birds but it has a nice interface and good audio. Try it out on your cat.

Free Bird Songs

The few songs that are on this app are nice but the selection is so limited as to not be appropriate for my coastal location. The songs that are on are clear so it is great as far as it goes.

More birds more birds!

Even if most people dont think these sound like songs they should be added for more fun. And pictures of the birds would be nice and a descrpition of why they make tht certain sound. Turkey buzzard Black capped chickadee Black eyed junco Penguins Blue jay Osprey Red tailed hawk Wood pecker chirping Cardinal Eastern goldfinch Song sparrow Ducks of all kinds Morning doves Purple martins Emu Ostrich Cranes Whooping cranes Lovebird Cockatoo Birds of paradise Partridge Turtle dove Chicken Rooster Swan Candain geese Thank you for reading this do all of these birds for a perfect five stars

Needs more

There are 13, six second high quality recordings. Nothing else.


Whenever i try to hear a Chiffchaff the app crashes AND this app only has like 2 birds.

Totes crashin

This app totes crashed on me. Couldnt even use it because it consistently shut off every 2 seconds.

Best Crashing Bird App Ever

If you are an avid bird watcher looking for the best-crashing app ever, this app is for you!!!!


Couldnt even open it.


Never got it to open.

Trick to use this app

If your app keeps closing, I realized that as soon as you open the app that if you scroll down on the bird song choices and keep a finger on the screen the app will remain open and you hear the songs.

Bird calls app

This is one of the lamest apps Ive ever seen. It is called birdcalls but it only has a few birds and theyre very common. For the woodpecker, they have a woodpecker pecking, lame.


Had to delete. It kept crashing and never allowed me to open it.

Bird Songs

Would not function!


Would not stop crashing upon opening.

Used to work

Cant even open it now!

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